The Jumbo Crab Bushel


This traditional basket would normally be filled with steamed crabs, but instead it’s overflowing with Maryland goodness. Enjoy smooth, creamy, Wockenfuss homemade milk chocolates. There’s a bag of Maryland fruit and nut mix, along with salty, crunchy pistachios roasted in the shell. We also include Caramel Popcorn — the perfect blend of salty and sweet, as well as a large bag of UTZ Crab Chips and Chesapeake Bay Snack Mix (caution: not for timid tastebuds!) Either a box of fortune cookies with fascinating Maryland facts or Baltimore’s best-known hometown cookies, covered in thick, luscious chocolate frosting are included; as well as Famous Goetze's Caramel Cremes will melt in your mouth, and local sugar cookies. Enjoy the flavors and landscapes of Maryland any time with a Maryland seafood cookbook or a beautiful scenic view book. It’s all topped off with a large plush Maryland Crab, and beautifully wrapped and decorated. — Available in all blue or Maryland state colors (red, yellow and black as shown.)

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